2 Of Last 3 Martinsville Playoff Winners Have Gone Onto Win The Cup Championship Too

Martinsville is important for a number of reasons. First off, everyone wants to take home a shiny new Grandfather clock. I’m mean, who wouldn’t want a unique piece of hardware in your home?

Secondly, if one of the eight remaining playoff eligible drivers can reach victory lane on Sunday evening, then they know that they have a guaranteed spot into the Championship 4.

Think that’s not enough on the line?

What if I also told you that two of the last three Cup champions won this race in fact. Jimmie Johnson won the Fall Martinsville race in 2016 and was crowned the season champion three weeks later in Homestead. Joey Logano did the same thing last year.

Denny Hamlin called this weekend the most important race on the schedule at this point. Eight drivers enter this round but only four move on. If we have three different winners, all of which being playoff drivers over the next three weeks, that leaves only one spot to Homestead available for drivers to make it by on points.

To get to the second round, 13 spots were available on points. To move to the third round, five spots were made available on points. Now, to get to the finals, you get one spot left on points.

Everyone wants to feel the weight of the world off their shoulders for the next two weeks, so you can be assured that all eight playoff drivers are wanting this win on Sunday evening.

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