Andretti: With Jay Frye “Finally IndyCar Is In Good Hands”

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s no secret, the NTT IndyCar Series is on the rise. When a bunch of other sports are losing on most metrics, IndyCar is doing the exact opposite. Over the last few years, TV numbers, attendance, social media, etc are all up.

Teams and sponsorships are coming to the series in droves. TV deals are getting reworked. Series sponsorhips are new. Cars are full of wording from business, not just team colors. All of this is a direct result of how hard Jay Frye and his team have worked and to where his guidance and planning is taking them. Since Frye has come into the series, everything started to take a different path.

He’s the only one to be in this position to get everyone’s attention. In the past, someone in Frye’s role was virtually career suicide. If you get the paddock on your side, the fans are against it. If you rule in favor of what the fans want, the paddock turns against you.

That’s not the case with Frye. Every decision he’s made he’s struck gold.

Everyone has noticed it, including Mario Andretti.

“What I said and I’ve been saying this lately, finally IndyCar is in good hands,” said the racing legend. “That’s huge. We’ve had some issues in the past and we don’t need to revisit that. On the positive side, with Jay (Frye) and the added responsibility he has, he and Mark Miles get it. They finally really get it. That’s all that we need.

“I think that all the teams, team owners, everything they have invested, they feel comfortable and that’s what it’s all about. This is a business and if in the business that you see things are going in the right direction and you have the proper momentum it’s a good thing. This is what we all strive for.

“I’m definitely in his corner. You have to have the racer in your to make the right decisions and he gets it. The technical side as well. Things are good.”

He’s right too. Everything you look into about the series proves it. This is something Frye remains humble about but quickly grew a big smile when told the rave reviews Andretti is giving him.

“That’s huge,” said Frye. “I talk to him often. Rick Mears, guys like that have been around a long time. So much of motorsports comes and goes and comes back again. Some things you stopped doing 10 years ago for whatever reason now might work again. There’s just different things. He’s (Andretti) been incredibly good to me. Very helpful. A pleasure to be around. I feel blessed and fortunate when I get a call that it’s Mario Andretti. That’s pretty cool. Right there, you go I have to take that call.”

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