Busch Didn’t Keep Cool In Having 2 Run-Ins On Sunday In Watkins Glen

Kyle Busch should have had a chance to win Sunday’s Go Bowling at the Glen. He had a very fast race car this weekend at Watkins Glen. His teammates finished 2-3-4. A fourth Toyota in Matt DiBenedetto finished sixth. Busch, had just as good, if not a better car that all four.

Instead, he leaves Watkins Glen with an 11th place finish.


It’s all because Busch didn’t keep his cool on Sunday afternoon. It all started when he spun while trying to pass William Byron for second place early on. Busch for whatever reason thought that it was Byron’s fault for his spin. He got revenge in running Byron off the track and sending his No. 24 Chevrolet through the grass in the bus stop with the second to last lap of the first stage.

Busch, was back up to fifth at the time. He didn’t need to do that. Byron, got revenge under the stage break and damaged Busch’s car as a result. That made Byron, Chad Knaus and his former boss Rick Hendrick mad at him.

“I didn’t know that until someone told me that coming in here,” Hendrick said of Byron being told by Knaus to wreck Busch. “You know, I think it goes down — like back to what I said.  I think if you let guys push you around and you let them know that you’re not going to let that happen — and I think he got the worst end of the deal when Kyle brake-checked him and knocked the front end out of the car.  But sometimes in the heat of the battle you want to do things, and if you thought about it a little bit more maybe you’d just settle down and go finish the race.  But in the heat of battle — and I didn’t know Chad told him to, but if I’d had a radio I’d probably tell him the same thing.

“I think you have to stand your ground in this sport.  If you let people push you around, they’re going to push you around.  He’s running up front, so I think this was his eighth front-row start, and he’s learning.  People don’t cut him any slack because he’s a rookie, then he needs to let them know he’ll come back.  I think probably in hindsight he would not not messed with Kyle and would have had a chance to have a really good finish with a good car.”

Then, Busch made his way back through again but on Lap 61, had a run-in with former Truck Series driver for him Bubba Wallace. Again, it was a move Busch should have avoided.

Wallace got his NASCAR career started with Kyle Busch Motorsports. The Alabama native raced for KBM in the NASCAR Truck Series in 2013 and again in 2014. He won five times with them. But, following Sunday’s Go Bowling at the Glen, I don’t think Wallace will be welcomed back at KBM for a while.

On Lap 61, Wallace went low to block Busch while exiting Turn 7. I’m not real sure as to why, but Wallace was clearly upset with something his former boss did to him on track just prior. Busch, wasn’t too thrilled with Wallace’s move and went to run into Wallace’s No. 43 Chevrolet. Instead of paying Wallace back, Busch should have just let it go, same as what he should have done earlier in the race with Byron.

As a result of Busch’s retaliation, Wallace was even more mad and hooked Busch into Turn 1.

“I’m going to get my respect on the track, and I don’t care who it is,” Wallace said of his incident with Busch. “That’s for when guys fail to think about the young guys, I guess, or with me. I won’t put up with no shit. So I flat out wrecked his ass back. I guess we’re even. We’ll see. … “That’s what happens when you get run over. You just pay him back. So I won’t be like, ‘Oh, it’s Kyle Busch, he didn’t mean to.’ … (Expletive) him.”

Busch, has one top five finish in his last six starts on the year now.

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