New Cup Car To Debut In 2021 Season, No New Engine Manufacturers Until 2022 At The Earliest

Among one of the other main topics from NASCAR on Monday was that a new car will be coming to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series for the 2021 season. That car will debut at the Daytona 500.

The “Generation 7” will be designed to feature new technologies and elements that showcase future production vehicles.

“I think it’s important to note that the reason we headed in this direction with the 2019 rules package was really to line us up for where we wanted to go in the future from a racing standpoint, both on track from a car’s look and feel and then under the hood from an engine perspective,” NASCAR EVP and Chief Racing Development Officer Steve O’Donnell said. “If you look at a lot of the dialogue we’ve had with our existing OEMs, potential OEMs, there’s a lot of interest to do some things differently in terms of making the cars look even more like they do on the street, making sure that we can evolve some of our engine technology as well.

“So what we’ve done is spent the better part of a year putting together a Gen-7 model. We’re in process now of going out and talking to OEMs, talking in the industry and getting their feedback on what they like and what they may want to see tweaked, but the goal for us is to roll this out fairly quickly with an accelerated timeline to 2021, but again this rules package — particularly the engine horsepower — allows us to have some discussion around a more relevant engine that can be around the 2021 package.”

The current car, the “Gen 6” was debut for the 2013 season. Prior to the Gen 6 was the Car of Tomorrow which debuted at Bristol in the 2007 season.

The 2021 car will likely use composite body styles like the XFINITY Series has been rolling out the last few years to help costs as well as to help repairs to panels on the car in the event of wrecks.

This also helps because all three manufacturers will have rolled out new bodystyles the last few years. Toyota brought the Camry into the sport in 2017, Chevrolet went with the Camaro starting last year and now Ford will use the Mustang starting this season.

No New Manufacturers Until 2022 At The Earliest

Another topic was that of engine manufacturers. NASCAR said that due to deals currently in place, we won’t see a new manufacturer until 2022 at the earliest. While a lot of rumors have been swirling the NASCAR world on potential suitors, we now know that no one new will come in until at least four more seasons.

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