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“Oh, I’m sure he will” Foyt Says Of Kanaan Coming Back With The Team For 2020

Updated: Jan 23

INDIANAPOLIS — On Wednesday, Charlie Kimball was announced as the driver of the No. 4 Chevrolet for AJ Foyt Racing. The team said that news regarding the driver of the second car would be coming here soon.

Speculation has always been that Tony Kanaan would be returning to the seat of the No. 14 Chevrolet. Kanaan, has been in that seat the past two years and despite being a free agent for 2020, he said last year that he had unfinished business with the team.

See, when Kanaan teamed with Foyt for 2018, he knew that they’d have a steep hill to climb. But, his experience coupled with AJ’s desire to get back to relevance again should get them back towards the top half of the grid.

Unfortunately, its been anything but.

In two years in the 14 car, Kanaan has just one top five finish (3rd last year in Gateway) in 34 starts at the helm with Foyt. He also only has eight total top 10 finishes in that time frame too (4 each year). The team isn’t any better heading into 2020 than it was heading into 2018.

That bothers Kanaan. He knows what he and this team are capable of and wants to fix it. The problem is, long time sponsor ABC Supply is leaving the team with the exception of the Month of May. In turn, the organization needs money and Kanaan unfortunately doesn’t have much funding to give.

As a result, the rumor was Kanaan going from a full time gig to part time for 2020. Then, if it really was a part-time role, how many races does “part time” mean? Would it just be for the few ovals? Would it be the ‘500 only? Would he even be back in general now?

“Oh, I’m sure he (Kanaan) will,” team president Larry Foyt said Wednesday when announcing Kimball as one of the drivers for 2020. “We’ve been working together. I think we’re getting everything buttoned up. Like I said, a couple weeks, I think that news will be ready to be coming out.”

Kanaan, badly wants an Indy 500 crown. Foyt expects them to be more relevant this May than last when he said that all the gains they made were minimal compared to other teams.

While 2020 is expected to be another rebuliding year for Foyt, they hope Kanaan will be back and he can Kimball can help take them back on the upswing.

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