Smith: NASCAR’s “Changing The Culture” Is About Damn Time

NASCAR needed this. The “changing the culture” moment. With a new rules package that will be debuted in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series this season, Monday’s rule changes and statements made at that, is something that was a long time waiting.

See, NASCAR is taking their sport back. The old days when teams wouldn’t dare cross Bill France Sr. or Jr. is coming back. The ruling with an iron fist is here again.

It’s about damn time.

NASCAR tried but the teams didn’t respect their efforts. Those are NASCAR’s words, not mine. Well, let me rephrase that, those were my words for years and now NASCAR is using them.

The penalties where a car would fail post race tech or barely pass at the track but fail at the R&D Center later on in the week only see that car get an encumbered or an L-1 penalty wasn’t working.

I was exhausted seeing the teams put out some bogus PR statement that said they’ll appeal and that where they were caught violating didn’t help them win the race.

Sure it didn’t. If you believe that then I have some ocean front property in the Arizona desert for sale with your name on it.

Teams were cheating. They were manipulating parts. It was blatant. They cheated until they got caught and then worked to find another gray area. If the teams worked as hard as finding legal ways to make their cars faster than in gray areas we wouldn’t be at this point.

Hence the changes.

I like it. I think it was confusing to find out 3+ days after a race who won. I hated the fact a car won but kept all the benefits. Now, they don’t.

Plus, I like how NASCAR is going to share with all the teams the R&D results. Any advantage you’re trying to gain will be negated the next week.

Also, I like the inspection process through the whole weekend. Try to manipulate your spoiler by colors to fly through the scanners or bring an illegal part, you’re done. Want to manipulate your car during the weekend, you’re also done.

This is huge.

Qualifying Format

This is another step in the right direction too. The only thing I’d like to just see change is instead of qualifying, just do heat races.

While the traditionalist part of me doesn’t like that qualifying will be set by help with teammates, not on true single car speed alone, the new part of me doesn’t mind it either. If the races are all being ran under a drafting package, why not set the field that way too? That’s why I like heat races with the races set by practice times instead.

Strategy is going to come into play more than speed in qualifying now. That will make things even more interesting. What if only one car from one manufacturer makes it to the third and final round. He’s a sitting duck.

NASCAR mentioned that they’re in the “entertainment business.”

This will be entertaining for sure.

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