About Asher

Asher was born with a love for cars. As a baby, he had a set of toy keys that he loved to carry around and he loved his toy cars. His parents took him to the race track for the first time before he had even turned 2. At 2, he began asking to hold people's car keys wherever he went. It wasn't long until he began telling people what kind of car they drove just by holding their car keys. 

When he was 3, his family took their annual trip to Indy 500 Qualifying at IMS. He had spent some time trying to get drivers' attention to meet them, but no one could hear or see such a little guy. Finally he was able to get the attention of Charlie Kimball. Charlie came over and had a full conversation with Asher and when Asher referred to him as "Mr. Kimball," he responded with "Mr. Kimball is my father. Call me Charlie." Asher became a fan for life that day. 

It wasn't much longer after that when his family was walking into a store and Asher correctly identified a car by make and model. His parents' jaws dropped and they realized that his love of cars was going to the next level. 

Soon after, Asher would walk down the street and name all the cars he saw by make and model. When his parents got a PS4 game called Gran Turismo, he even started learning the exotic cars as well. 

Fast forward to 2019 and as Asher and his family were on their way to Qualifying, Asher decided that he should write some interview questions and try to interview some drivers. We thought if we could just talk to 1 to 3 drivers we'd be set to start a YouTube channel and get his first video made. He ended up talking to 6-7 drivers and getting interviewed himself for the IndyStar. 

One of the drivers he interviewed that day was Kyle Kaiser. One of the questions Asher asked Kyle was "What do you like to do while you're in Indy?" Kyle's answer was "Go fast on Qualifying Day! What's better than going fast on Qualifying Day?" and Asher was pretty quick to answer back, "Probably going faster on race day!" That has become Asher's slogan for his channel and it is even printed on the back of some of his t-shirts. 

Long story short, Kyle had crashed in practice the day before and his only car was ruined. His team had to piece together another car out of borrowed parts from other teams. They worked literally all night to get another car put together so Kyle could attempt to qualify for the race. He then went on to not only qualify for the race, but he also bumped World Champ Fernando Alonso out of the last spot in the race. 

We met up with Kyle Kaiser again later in the season at Mid-Ohio. When asked about if he remembered being interviewed by Asher in Indy, he told us that he would never forget that interview because he was so nervous and it was Asher's interview that calmed him down enough for him to go out there and qualify for the race. He refers to Asher as his good luck charm. 

Since starting this channel, he has had a news story done on him, a couple phone interviews, he has appeared on, and has been mentioned several times on a couple sports channels including Checkers & Wreckers and BW Sports 1. He has also been noticed and had a few Skype interviews with Little Big Shots.

We are all looking forward to see where this adventure takes him!